1)      Hawking left behind (a)/ a wealth of knowledge (b)/ and also the conviction that a will to survive (c)/ can overcome all odds(d). no error.(e)

2)      All my(a)/ sister in laws (b)/celebrated my birthday(c).no error.

3)      Without an influential left (a)/to keep on the pressure(b), the congress would simply teeter rightward(d)/ not just economically but also socially(e).no error

4)      The lady whose daughter was(a)/ a victim of rape(b)/, poisoned her(c)/ and her own daughter(d)/.no error.(e)

5) They are a politically important family(a)/ one of his sisters(b)/ is a minister(c)/ and the other is married with a minister(d)./no error.(e)

6) The period between(a)/ 2010 to 2014 (b) /was very vital(c)/ in my life(d)./no error.(e)

7) The invention of television and telephone(a)/ and such other electronic items(b)/ have not been(c)/ without some effect(d)/.no error(e).

8) The doctor advised Mr.Sinha that, (a)/ because of his severe cramps, (b)/ he should
lie in the bed(c)/ for a few days(d)/.no error.(e)
9) It is better to keep one's head (a)/in the face of danger(b)/ than losing one's courage(c)/.no error.(d)

10) Many an accident(a)/ are caused (b)/by reckless driving(c).no error.(d)


1) Ans:(c)
 Article ‘A’  should be replaced by ‘the

2) Ans: (b)
Plural of ‘sister in law’ is ‘sisters in law’.

3) Ans:(b)
 ‘keep on’ will be replaced by ‘keep with’.
        ‘Keep on’ means to continue, and ‘keep with’ means to maintain.

 ‘Her’ should be replaced by ‘herself’. When the action reflects itself, reflexive pronoun must be used.

5)Ans: (d)
'married to' should replace 'married with'. Because married (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.)
Look at the example given below:
Her daughter was married to a fisherman.

6) Ans:(b)
 between 2010 and 2014/from 2010 to 2014 will replace between 2010 to 2014 because.
between (Prep.) indicates a period Of time that separates two days, years, events, etc.
between is used with and from (Prep), is used for showing when something starts from is used with to
To is never used with between.

7) Ans:(c)
 has not been will replace have not been because,The invention is a Singular Subject and 
Singular Subject -Singular verb
Plural Subject-Plural Verb

8) Ans:(c)
 The is not used before school, college,home,church,temple,sea,work,bed, table, hospital,market,prison,court.
When used in general sense

9) Ans:(c)
to lose/ lose will replace loosing

10) Ans:(b)
 The expression many a/an, more than one noun should be followed by a singular noun and  a singular verb.
    e.g many accidents have recently taken place.
          many an accident has recently taken place.


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