1)      China has became(a)/ Pakistan’s largest supplier(b)/ of arms and (c)/its third largest trading partner(d)/.no error(e)
2)      People doing workout in gym are always advised (a)/by their coach to consume weight gainer,(b)/ that not only helps them to gain weight(c) /but also helps to Increase their stamina(d)./no error(e)                 
3)      Once the furnitures(a)/ get polished(b)/, the whole room will sparkle(c)/.no error(d)
4)      He pretends(a)/ as if he has(b) /never in his life(c)/ told a lie(d)./no error(e)

5)      While going to Goa(a)/, there was many traffic(b) /on the road(c)/.no error(d)

6)      Supreme court on Wednesday(a)/ dismissed a plea of one of the convicts(b)/ in the Gandhi assassination case(c)/.no error(d)

7)      The national green tribunal(a) /directed chief secretory to explain(b)/ the steps taken by the authorities to clean the Ganga(c) /in the stretch of gomukh and haridwar(d)/no error(e)

8)      The presence of left(a)/ extremist organization, including(b)/ Maoists was reported(c) /in forest areas(d)/.no error(e)

9)      Most of us have had(a)/ enough of piecemeal notifications(b)/ and legislations by the government(c)/ no error(d)

10)   The passing away of Stephen hawkings(a)/, the genius who could not move(b)/and was still ready to travel to space(c)/, is extremely sorrowful(d)/.no error(e)

1) Ans:(a)
 The sentence is in present perfect tense. Therefore ‘became’ should be replaced by ‘become

2) Ans:(c)
 As we are talking about the weight gainer, in next sentence. ‘that’ should be replaced     be replaced by ‘which

3)  Ans: (a)
furnitures’ should be replaced by ‘furniture’. There is no plural form of furniture.

4) Ans:(b)
 ‘had’ should be used in place of ‘has’. The use of 'as if' indicates an unreal situation in the present, so it will be followed by past conditional tense.

5) Ans: (b)
many’ should be replaced by ‘too much’. Because traffic is an uncountable noun.

6) Ans: (c)
Article ‘the’ should be used before supreme court.

7) Ans: (b)
Preposition ‘of’ should be replaced by ‘between’. As preposition shows relation, here the Ganga is cleaned from one point to another. Hence preposition ‘between’ should be used.

8) Ans: (c)
was’ should be replaced by ‘had been’. As the  action is already completed in past, the sentence should be in past perfect tense.

9) Ans:(b)
 ‘of’ should be replaced by ‘with’.

10) Ans:(c)
 Conjunction ‘and’ should be replaced by ‘but’. We have a clue ‘still’ which shows that there is a need to contradict the sentence. 

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