1. Even when he failed to prove himself he was very much _____ about his success.
a. Pessimist
b. Sad
c. Depressed
d. Sanguine
e. Confused

2. After the attacks of 26/11  kasab was considered as the biggest _____ in india.
a. Support
b. Suspect
c. Villain
d. Culprit
e. Felon

3. "The big fat weddings" are the most ______ events in India.
a. Royal
b. Wealthy
c. Squandered
d. Gathered
e. Hoard

4. Dubai is famous for its ____ burg-al-khalifa.
a. Modest
b. Edifice
c. Lofty
d. Wonderful
e. Both B and C

5. The cold had ____ his legs
a. Numbed
b. Enliven
c. Pliant
d. Dociled
e. sharpened

6. Adolf Hitler was _____ by nature.
a. Indecisive
b. Amenable
c. Dogmatic
d. Uncertain
e. Anthropic

7. They caused terror with ____ legality.
a. Threatening
b. Uninjured
c. Hazardous
d. Spurious
e. Genuine

8. Living a____ life is a symptom of depression.
a. Hectic
b. Diligent
c. Leisurely
d. stiff
e. Nasty

9. They set about the new task with ___.
a. Pruning
b. Difficulty
c. Motivation
d. Interest
e. Arduous

10. Tata company ____ Cyrus Mistry from using his Power.
a. Banned
b. Injuncted
c. Interrupted
d. Both B and C
e. Permitted

             1) (d) sanguine
             2) (e) felon
             3) (c) squandered
             4) (c) lofty
             5) (a) numbed
             6) (c)dogmatic
             7) (d) spurious
             8) (c) leisurely
             9) (e) arduous
            10) (b) injuncted

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Shubham Kalyana,
Dhwani Pardeshi,