1) I bought(a)/ the vegetables(b)/from the market(c)/ opposite to Rama's house(d)./no error(e)

2) We aim for (a)/winning(b)/ the first prize(c)/.no error(d)

3) It is always better to make(a)/ people realize(b)/ the importance of hard work (c)/than to impose them on it(d)/.no error(e)

4)He goes(a)/ for a walking(b)/ every evening(c)/.no error(d)

5) Virat hits the ball,(a)/ running for two,(b)/ and gets run out(c) /.no error(d)

6) My father(a)/ with my sister(b)/ has returned yesterday(c)/.no error(d)

7) Her daughter is(a) / ill since(b) /last week.(c)/no error(d)

8) I am sure (a)/ I had seen him(b)/ at the party last night(c)/.no error(d)

9)When I opened the door(a)/, the servants ate(b)/ their food(c)/.no error(d)

10)At that time(a)/he was practising chartered accountant(b)/ for two years(c)/.no error(d)

 This is a case inappropriate use of preposition. ‘Opposite’ does not need a preposition.

 aim is followed by at (aim at)
        Aim at means to intend to achieve something And
Aim to means to intend or intension.

There is no such phrase. aim for

This is a case of jumbles words as well as the grammatical mistake. It should be impose it on them

  walking should be replaced by walk
     As the article before a verb makes it a noun. A noun cannon be used in a progressive tense

 runs for should replace running for
:As in broadcast commentaries on sporting events, the Simple Present is used
Instead of the Present Continuous, to describe activities in progress

6)Ans: (c)
has should be removed
present perfect +point of time =simple past
The present perfect is never used with adverbs of past time.
Hence in such cases we use simple past tense

is should be replaced by has beensince is used in present perfect or simple past tense
As the action in the above sentence is continuing up to the present moment we need to use present perfect tense.

8)Ans :(b)
had been should be replaced by saw    There is hint
     Adverb phrase of past time which is   used with simple past tense.

the servants ate their food should be replaced by the servants were eating their foodthe Past Continuous and Simple Past are used
together when a new action happened in the middle of a longer action. The simple past is used for the new action

 he was should be replaced by he had been

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