1) I think Pakistan(a)/ will be winning(b)/ the match(c)/no error (d)   
2) Three-fourths(a) /of this article(b) /are relevant(c)/ to the subject(d)./no error(e)    

3) He gets panicky(a)/ in front of(b)/ audience.(c)/no error (d)   

4) Did he used to(a)/ do that,(b)/ when he was a kid?(c)/no error(d)    

5) Last night I dreamed(a)/ I was(b)/ the president of USA(c)/no error(d)    

6) He brought(a)/ all the equipments(b)/ required for the renovation(c)/no error(d)   
7) Pune to Mumbai(a)/ is a four-hours journey.(b)/no error (c)   

8) After a careful investigation(a)/ we had discovered(b)/ that the house(c)/ was infested with termites(d)/.no error    

9)He was hurted badly(a)/ owed to(b)/ his own mistake(c)/.no error(d)    

10) Do you know(a)/ that it was me(b)/ who has built this house(c)/.no error(d)                

1)Ans:(a) be winning should be replaced by will win the match.
  We use simple future tense to talk about What we think or believe will happen in the future.

2)Ans: (c)are should be replaced by is
       with fractions, percentages and indefinite quantifers
all, few, many, much, some, the Verb agrees with the preceding Noun/clause
The basic structure is as follows:
Indefinite Number + of + Noun
Singular Verb

3)Ans: (d)no error
        Gets panicky means likely to get panic
           And panic means to fill with fear.

4)Ans:(a) used to should be replaced by use to
        used to is the right usage but not in negatives and questions.

5)Ans:(a) Dreamed should be replaced by dreamt 
        As the sentence is in simple past tense
The verb should be in its second form.

6)Ans(b:) Equipments should be replaced by equipment
If the number of equipment is indefinite we cannot use its plural form
But if the number of equipment is definite then we are should use its plural form
E.g 1) a lot of equipment
       2) less equipment
       3) five equipments.

7)Ans:(b) four hours should be replaced by four- hour
Units of measurement such as distance, Weight, time, amount and percentage etc takes  a singular verb when used as a whole.

8)Ans:(b) we had discovered should be replaced by we discovered
Had is used in past perfect tense and the second part of the sentence is in simple past tense.

9)Ans: (b)owing to will replace owed to because
owing to is a correct phrase, which means because of.

10)Ans:(b) me who has should be replaced by I who have 
The verb (to be) should be followed by subjective form of pronoun when the compliment is pronoun.

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