1. Waning: Becoming weaker or smaller.
                   The waning of his enthusiasm was obvious after his failure in exams.

2. Beleaguer: To Harass or vex.
                  The children beleaguered the boy because of his stammer.

3. Agitate: Make someone troubled or nervous.
                 The thought of questioning Samyak agitated  him extremely.

4. Deprave: Make someone immoral or wicked.
                 This book would deprave and corrupt young children.
5. Dissent: To Disagree.
                  After hearing the poor argument of the lawyer,the judge had a very dissented look on his face.

6. Righteous: Free from sin or guilt.
                 The Bhagvat Gita contains rules of a righteous living.

7. Exhort: To urge.
                  Parents exhort their children to be good with his/her behavior in the society.

8. Treachery: Betrayal,Disloyalty.
                  The seven year old friendship broke because of her treachery.

9. Sovereign: Having supreme,ultimate power.
                  Sovereign Power is said to lie with people in some countries. and with a ruler in others.

10. Abate: Subside; Decrease.
                  The students abated their mischievous acts after being punished by the teacher.

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