1. Pragmatic: Practical.
                      One should be pragmatic in life to avoid emotional imbalance.

2. Posit: Put forward as fact or as basis for argument,Postulate.
                     The lawyer thought that there was enough posit to take the case to the court.    

3. Serenade: To entertain with music.
                     A strolling guitarist serenades the diners.

4. Souvenir: A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person,place or event.
                    As a souvenir for INS VIKRANT, Indian Government allowed a private vehicle maker to use its steel to produce special edition two wheeler bikes.

5. Falter: To stop being strong or successful, Stumble.
                   One should know how to deal with falters in life.

6. Repercussion: Effect, Impact.
                    The people in my neighborhood will not report the crime lord's activities because they are afraid of a possible repercussion.

7. Zealots: Fanatic, Enthusiast.
                    The zealotic nature of humans is more dangerous than the natural calamities.

8. Ludicrous: Idiotic, Absurd.
                  The opposition states that demonetization was a most ludicrous move of the government so far.

9. Debacle: Disaster,calamity.
                     When the movie was released, it was called a debacle by the critics.

10. Delinquency: Minor crime,especially that committed by young people.
                     The high rate of delinquency is a proven threat for the future of the society.

Posted By-
Dhwani Pardeshi,