1. Clamor- Making a loud and confused noise.
          The questions in the classroom rose to a clamor.

2. Mellifluous- Having a pleasant and flowing sound
         "Good morning",the other replied in a soft and mellifluous voice.

3. Ghetto - A part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
           What about the ghetto residents who exhibit “mainstream” values on working, education, and child-rearing?

4. Curtail - To cut short.
          The promises of benefit are false, and government action to curtail this kind of fraud is a long overdue.

5. Promulgate - Promote or make widely known.
            The 'MAKE IN INDIA' Mission has to be promulgated around the world.

6. Deceitful: Dishonest.
             The allegations over Pranav were dismissed as deceitful.

7. Contingency: A Possibility.
             The Minister asked the contractor to provide details of the contingency plans in case of emergency.

8. Inane: Stupid.
              Somnath behaves inanely while he is with is friends.

9. Inchoate: Only partly in existence.
              Honesty can be considered as only a inchoate part of our nature in today's world.

10. Inimical: Not Friendly.
          The generation gap makes people inimical towards each other.

Posted By-
Dhwani Pardeshi,