1. Vindicate: To justify by providing evidence.
                   The court vindicated his honor by discharging him.

2. Embolden: To encourage; inspire or motivate.
                   The harsh realities of being poor in today's world emboldened her to work for the needy.

3. Confound : To confuse
                    Her bipolar behavior always confounds me.

4. Bewitch: To astonish; Amaze
                    He has a bewitching personality.

5. Bellicose : Aggressive; hostile.
                   Some people talk in a bellicose manner with strangers.

6. Ameliorate: To improve.
                    She needs to ameliorate her performance for the next match.

7. Filthy: Very dirty.
                     In modern days,politics is considered as a filthy profession.

8. Allure: To Attract.
                   She had an alluring smile.

9.Torpid: Unmoving; Lazy.
                  Shubham is the most torpid person I know when it comes to go for trecking on holidays.

10.Envy: Jealous.
                         To envy others is a flaw of character.
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Dhwani Pardeshi,