1. The product of the ages of Ramesh and his friend  suresh is 459 .If thrice the age of Ramesh is more than suresh' age by 24 years then find the ratio between the ages of suresh and ramesh.?
A) 27:17
B) 29:18
C) 17:27
D) 26:17
E) None of these

2. Three years hence father's age will be 3 times more than the age of his son. One year ago father's age was 6 times as the age of his son at that time , find how many years ago father's age was 7 times
the present age of his son?
A) 3 years
B) 1 years
C) 2 years
D) 4 years
E) None of these

3. The sum of the present ages of raj and shyam is 10 times the difference of their ages, 12 years hence the  average age of Raj and shyam is 6 times more than the difference of their ages find the average of their ages 3 years hence?
A) 30 years
B) 34 years
C) 22 years
D) 33 years
E) None of these

4. If the sum of the ages of B and C is added to twice the age of A then total become 76 years. If the ages of A and C are added to thrice the age of B total become 97 years. And thrice the ages of A and C is added to  twice the age of B ,the total become 158 years , then find the addition of age of A,twice the age of B and thrice the  age of C ?
A) 112 years
B) 128 years
C) 124 years
D) 120 years
E) None of these

5. 9 years ago man's age was 4 times  his son's age.3 years hence, the man's age will be 6 years more than the twice the age of his son find the age of son 5 years hence?
A) 19 years
B) 13 years
C) 21 years
D) 23 years
E) None of these

6 . A man's age is 4 times more than his son's age. After 6 years the ratio will be 7/2 . Find that after how many years father's age will  double that of his son's age?
A) 30 years
B) 26 years
C) 28 years
D) 32 years
E) None of these

7.A person‘s present age is two-ninth the age of his mother. After 10 years, he will be four-eleventh  the age of his mother. How old is the mother after 15 years?
A) 48yrs
B) 60yrs
C) 55yrs
D) 53yrs

8. The ratio of the ages between shyam 7 year hence to ram 6 years ago is 7/6 . The ratio of  ram's 8 years ago and  shyam 4yrs ago gets reversed find the ratio of the ages shyam's age after 8 years to
ram's age 4 years ago ?
A) 8/9
B) 9/7
C) 8/7
D) 9/8
E) None of these

9. 3 years ago the ratio between A and B was 4/3 .3 years hence the ratio between them is 5/4 . Find the average of ages of A and B?
A) 52 years
B) 48 years
C) 24 years
D) 26 years
E) None of these

10.The present  average of ages of yash , kartik , punam  is 21 years. The ratio of yash 's age 3 years ago to kartik's age 5 years ago to punam's age 7 years ago is 1:1:1  Find the ratio  of yash 's age 2 years hence to kartik's age 3 years hence to punam's age 4 years hence ?
A) 7:8:9
B) 7:9:8
C) 9:8:7
D) 6:7:8
E) None of these


1) C   2) C   3) D   4) B   5) D   6) A   7) B   8) D   9) B   10) A 

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