1. The ratio of the ages of bhavesh to suresh is 9:8. The average age of kunal and suresh is 18 years. And the ratio between bhavesh age 4 years ago to kunal's age 2 years hence is 7:11  , Find the average age of bhavesh  suresh  kunal 3 years hence?
A) 21 years
B) 18 years
C) 24 years
D) 23 years
E) None of these

2. The ratio between the ages of shekhar 4 years hence to his father  8 years ago is 7:12. And the ratio between the ages of  shekhar's elder brother 3 years ago to his father 4 years later  is 2:5 . Shekhar will be 30 years older when his brother is 33 years old . Find the present age of  shekhar , his brother and his father respectively ?
A) 24, 27, 58 years
B) 27, 24, 56 years
C) 24 ,28 , 58 years
D) 24, 27, 56 years
E) None of these

3.Rakesh is as much younger to Sumit as he is older to prem . If the sum of the ages of prem and sumit is 78 years, then find the ratio of ages of sumit to rakesh when the ratio of ages of rakesh to prem is 14:9?

4. Dinesh son's age is 1/4 of dinesh wife's present age , dinesh wife's age is 4/5 of dinesh age and dinesh father's age is twice the age of dinesh , dinesh' father will celebrate his 83rd birthday after 3 years. Exactly after 2 years of marriage they had a son.Then after how many years dinesh will celebrate his 20th marriage anniversary ?
A) 12 years
B) 13 years
C) 10 years
D) 14 years
E) None of these

5. In a family, a couple has a son and a daughter. The husband  is six years elder to his wife. And  the   sister  is 9 years younger to her brother. The age of father is one year more than  twice the age  of his son .  And the age of mother is thrice the age of her daughter. What was age of  mother 3 years ago ?
A) 34 years
B) 32 years
C) 36 years
D) 38 years
E) None of these

6. I am 3 years younger to my brother. My father was 30 years old when my sister was born, while my mother was 29 years old when I was born ,if my sister was 3 years old when my brother was born ,then what was the age of father when my mother was born?
A) 7 years
B) 8 years
C) 9 years
D) 4 years
E) None of these

7.Ram is 3 years younger to her sister shanti and shanti is 10 years elder to his brother aman  . When ram was born the age of his mother was 8 times more than his sister's age. And when aman was born the age of his father was 7 years more than three times the age of shanti find the  average age of mother and father at the time when the sum of ages of all the 3 siblings becomes 26 years?
A) 37 years
B) 38.5 years
C) 38 years
D) 37.5 years
E) None of these

8.Rajesh got married 10 years ago. His present age is 9/7 times his age at the time of his marriage. At that time, Rajesh wife's age was 4/5th that of  rajesh age. after how many years the ratio between the age of  Rajesh and his wife will be 7:6 ?
A) 2 years
B) 4 years
C) 7 years
D) 6 years
E) None of these

9. Meera got married 12 years ago , today her age is 11/8 times  her age at the time of her  marriage. Meera's husband is 6 years elder to her, 10yrs ago their child was born , find the age of his father when child's age will be equal to his father's present age ?
A) 90 years
B) 84 years
C) 80 years
D) 92 years
E) None of these

10.Geeta's present age is 1(2/7) times her age at the time of her marriage.Geeta's  husband is 3 years elder to her.she married 6 years ago. Geeta's child's present  age is 1/7th of her age at the time of her marriage . At present how many times more is husband's age to her son's age ?
A) 10 times
B) 6 times
C) 9 times
D) 7 times
E) None of these


1) D   2) D   3) C   4) C   5) C   6) A   7) B   8) B   9) A   10) A

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