1) By selling 45 lemons for Rs. 40 a man looses 20%. How much should he sell for Rs. 24 to gain 20% on the overall transaction?

A) 12 lemons
B) 18 lemons
C) 8 lemons
D) 10 lemons
E) None of these.

2)(4/5)th of the consignment was sold at a profit of 25% & rest at a loss of 35%. Find the value of  consignment if there was an overall profit of Rs. 910.
A) Rs. 8000
B) Rs. 7500
C) Rs. 7000
D) Rs. 6500
E) None of these.

3) By selling article at (2/5)th of marked price a shopkeeper looses 25%. What is the ratio of marked price to the cost price?
A) 13:7
B) 15:8
C) 5:3
D) 6:5
E) None of these.

4) A dishonest dealer mixes 1 Kg of sand with 5 Kg of rice & sells entire mixture at 25% more than cost price of rice. What is net profit percentage?
A) 150%
B) 120%
C) 75%
D) 50%
E) None of these.

5). A fruit merchant makes a profit of 25% by selling mangoes at a certain price. If he charges Rs. 1 more on each mango, he would gain 50%. The price of mango originally was...
A) Rs. 4.0
B) Rs. 4.5
C) Rs. 5.0
D) Rs. 5.5
E) None of these.

6) A trader sold a cycle at a loss of 10%. If the selling price had been increased by Rs. 200 there would have been gain of 6%. What is the cost price of the cycle?
A) Rs. 1250
B) Rs. 1275
C) Rs. 1025
D) Rs. 1520
E) None of these.

7) Lakhan marks up the price of watch by 50%, then allows  a discount of 20% and sells it to Ram. Ram sold it to Shyam for Rs. 20 more than what he purchased for. The selling price for Shyam is 30% more than the original price of watch. Find the profit % of Ram.
A) 16.66 %
B) 12.50 %
C) 11.11 %
D) 8.33 %
E) None of these.

8) On selling an article for Rs. 16, a seller looses as much percentage as the value of that article. Find the cost price of that article.
A) Rs. 20.00
B) Rs. 18.50
C) Rs. 22.00
D) Rs. 20.50
E) None of these.

9) A bicycle agent buys 60 cycles & marks them at 20% above the cost price. He gives a discount of 10% for cash sales & a discount of 5% for credit sales. If two-third of the stock is sold for cash & rest for credit, then there will be profit of Rs. 3120. What is the cost price of a bicycle?
A) Rs. 480
B) Rs. 520
C) Rs. 28,800
D) Rs. 31.200
E) None of these.

10) A trader sells 125 kilos of Sugar at a profit of 4% & 75 kilos at a profit of 20%. If he had sold the whole mixture at a profit of 12%, he would have received Rs. 360 more. What is the cost price of the mixture.
A) Rs. 40
B) Rs. 45
C) Rs. 50
D) Rs. 35
E) None of these.

1) B.    2) C.    3) B.    4) D.   5) C.   6) A.    7) D.   8) A.   9) B.   10) A.

Posted By-
Pallavi Pawar,
Dipti Mahangade.
( Team SUPRAVI )