There are nine members in a family -L,M,N,O,A,B,C,G,D. They all are sitting in a straight line from left to right.

         AIl of them have a relationship with L. Some of them are facing North and others are facing South. The following information is known about them:
O is neither L's mother nor C's wife. L's wife is sitting immediately left of M who is sitting at 5th position from left end of row. N is sitting fourth to the right of L's father. L is sitting 3rd to the right of  O. Mother and brother of L are facing the same direction. Both of them are sitting together with one of them at an extreme end of the line.
         There is one person sitting between L and C and they both are facing opposite directions.  G who is L's sister is sitting at third position from the right end. She is sitting facing North direction. 'A' who is the father of L is an immediate neighbour of C's wife.  Daughter of L is sitting 2nd to the right of the mother of L. D is sitting facing south direction which is opposite of what L's daughter is facing. The immediate neighbors of L's daughter are facing same direction as D. Neither L's brother nor his sister is sitting to the immediate side of L's daughter. From nine members, one is son of L.   

1) Who is sitting to the immediate right of L
       a) brother of L
       b)  son of L
       c) L's sister
       d) O
       e)mother of L

2) Who is the wife of C?
      b)one who is sitting second to the right of G
      e)both (a) and (d)

3)Name the family members facing towards north

4)What is the relation of O with respect to B?
  c)grand daughter
  d) mother in law
  e) daughter in law 

5) Who is sitting second to the right of M?

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