L,A,D,S,Q,N,T,P,R,E,F,B,C are thirteen members of a family seated in a horizontal row facing southwards. Everyone does a different occupation viz. artist, cook, teacher, actress, activist, housewife, engineer, singer, scientist, architect, physiotherapist, physiologist and painter.

L is the eldest member of the family. The great-grandfather of the family is seated exactly in the middle of the row. Only three members sit between E and P who has all the female members towards his left. No male member sit at the extreme ends. The physiotherapist sits second from the left end of the row. The great-grandmother sits at one of the extreme ends,she is the housewife. Only three members sits between B,the artist and the physiotherapist. Great-grand daughters are not the immediate neighbors of each other.  

E is neither physiotherapist nor physiologist. four members sit between C,the cook and A. N,the architect does not have any daughter but has the grand-daughter. The engineer and singer are seated third to the left and fourth to the right of L respectively. Q, the scientist is an immediate neighbor of the singer and her nephew,the teacher. The engineer sits with her son and daughter-in-law. T sits between his wife and his brother-in-law. The eldest member of the family sits with his great-grand daughters. R is the daughter-in-law of  the singer. The activist sits third to the right of D. F is an actress who sits towards left of her daughter,the cook. T has his wife in the right.


1. Who among the following is the Physiologist?
a. L
b. A
c. P
d. Q
e. S

2. In the given arrangement, who among the following sits to the immediate right of the artist?
a. The Scientist.
b. The Teacher.
c. The Physiologist.
d. The Painter.
e.  None of the above.

3. How many members sit to the right of F?
a. 07
b. 12
c. 10
d. 11
e. 09

4. Who among the following is a male member?
a. The singer
b. S
c. The Physiotherapist
d. The Painter
e. Only a,b,c.

5. If P and the teacher interchange his/her position, then who sits to the immediate left of the cook?
a. The Engineer
b. The Physiologist
c. E
d. D
e. The Activist.

6. How many members sit between the painter and the teacher?
a.  5
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2
e. 1

7. How many children does L and A have?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 1
d. 4
e. 6

(1-c; 2-b; 3-d; 4-e; 5-c; 6-a; 7-b)
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