A family consists of nine members Nany, Shinchan, Mitsy, Masau, Masai, Shinzo, Harry, Hiroshi and Michi. All being engineers work in four different companies viz. Veritas, Symentac, Emerson and Cognizant. Some of the family members have their own cars viz. i20, Grand i10, Verna, Swift, Pajero and Duster while some of them does car pool with the family members.

Minimum two members work in the same company and not more than three members share the same car. Shinchan is the eldest member of the family and he drives Pajero car. One of the members working in Emerson is the wife of Shinchan and drives i20 car. The son-daughter duo of Shinchan work in the same company. The one working in Veritas and Cognizant do not drive i20 or Pajero car. Masai do not drive any car but i20. Michi works in Veritas and shares car with her father. Shinchan's wife works with her sister-in-law Nany, in the same company and also shares her car. Hiroshi is neither Shinchan's son-in-law nor his son. The daughter-in-law of Shinchan also works in Cognizant and drives Swift car. Masai's unmarried brother drives Duster car. Harry, Shinchan's son-in-law do not drive Duster or Swift car. Shinzo shares car with her mother and also works in the same company. Masau, brother of Shinzo, works in Veritas and drives Grand i10.


1. Who among the following travel using Grand i10 car?
a. Michi and Masau
b. Mitsy and Masau
c. Masau and Masai
d. Shinzo and Nany
e. Mitsy and Nany

2. How many members of the family works in Symentac company?
a. 1
b. Shinchan
c. 2
d. Shinchan and Hiroshi
e. Both (a) & (b).

3. How is Masai related to Michi?
a. Mother
b. Mother-in-law
c. Sister
d. Grand mother
e. Sister-in-law.

4. How many members in the family are unmarried?
a. 3
b. 2
c. 1
d. Cannot be determined
e. 4

5. The family consists of how many male members?
a. 1
b. Cannot be determined
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4

                (1-a; 2-e; 3-d; 4-a; 5-e)
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Dhwani Pardeshi