1. A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days, B and C together can do it in 15 days , A is twice as good as a work man as C, D is joined after 5 days of work done by A , B , and C together , if the remaining work is completed in 3 days , then D alone can complete in how many days?

2. The daily wage of X is Rs 2.75  when X finishes a certain work he gets a total wage of 110/-  ,when Y does the same work for 30 days he gets Rs 67.5  if both of them do it together what is the shares of X and Y in the cost of work?
A:X 39.65,Y42.23
B:X 38.56,Y47.135
C:X 42.23,Y 39.65
D:X: 47.135,Y: 38.56

3. A, B, C are three typist who working simultaneously can type 399 pages in 7 hours. In one hour C can type as many pages more than B as B can type more than A . During a period of 9 hours , C can type as many pages as A can during 10 hours . How many pages does each of them type per hour?

4. Nagesh ,and tushar are engaged to do a work. Nagesh working alone takes 14 hours more to complete the job than if both worked together . If Tushar worked alone, he would need 3(1/2) hours more to complete the job than they both working together. What time would Nagesh takes to complete whole work?
A.21 hours
B 24 hours
C 42 hours
D 25 hours

5. Shubham can draw a sketch in the same time in which Bhanu and aniket together can do it. If shubham and Bhanu together draw it in 30 days and aniket alone in 55 days . In what time could be Bhanu alone draw the sketch?
B 66
C 88

6. Dipti takes thrice as much time as pallavi to complete a work . And priti does it in the same time as dipti and pallavi together . If all 3 working together can finish the work in 9 days then the time taken by dipti to finish the work is ?
A.24 days
72 days
C 48 days
D 32 days

7. Dhwani does half as much work as Sneha in one fourth of the time. If together theY take 10 days to complete the work. how much time shall Sneha alone take to do it.
B 24
C 30
D 09

8.Working together bhushan and pranav can an assigned task in 24 days. If bhushan works alone and completed half the work and then pranav takes over and completed the second half of the task. the task will be completed in 50 days. how long will bhushan takes to complete the task if he works alone.. Assume that pranav is more efficient than bhushan.
A.30 days
B 45 days
C 20 days
40 days

9. Urvashi can do a piece of work 15 hours slower than rahul.  Urvashi works for 18 hours on the job and then rahul take charge for 6 hours. In this manner 3/5th of work can be completed .To complete the job now how much time will rahul take?
A. 12 
B  21
C  24
D  18

10. Nilima and vishakha can finish a work working on alternate days ,in 17 days , when nilima works on the first day. However, they can finish the work, working on alternate days ,in 17(3/4) days . When vishakha works on the first day . How many days does nilima alone take to finish the work?
A 13.days
B 14 days
C 12 days
11 days
1) B  2)  D  3) C   4)  A  5) D   6) B   7)  C  8)  D   9) A   10) D


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