1. Painstakingly(adv) : With great care or trouble.

2. Maze(n) : Network.

3. Fortune 500(n) : (trademark in the US) annual list of the five hundread most profitable US                                      individual corporation

4. Imbued(v) : Filled with a quality.

5. Orthodontist(n): Person who is qualified to treat the irregularities in the teeth and jaws.

6. Stockbroker(n) : Broker who buys and sells securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients.

7. Drive(n) : Organized effort to achieve a particular purpose.

8. Flabbergasted(v) : greatly surprised.

9. Hefty mark-up(adj): large amount added to the cost price.

10. custom-made(adj): made to a particular customer's order.

11. Inventory(n): Quantity of goods in stock.

12. Dormitory(n): College hall of residence.

13. With a vengeance(phrase): With great intensity.

14. Come to grips with(phrase): Understand.

15. Incorporated(v): Constituted; established.

16. Frantic(adj): Conducted in a hurry way.

17. Overheads(n): Expense incurred in running a business.

18. Right away(phrase): Immediately.

19. Subsidiaries(n): Companies controlled by another.

20. Trotline(n): a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it.

21. Plunged(v): Jump or dive quickly and energetically.

22. Tycoon(n): A wealthy, powerful person in business or industry.

23. Magnitude(n): Large size.

24. Stripped down - Reduced to essentials.

25. Grabbed - Grasp or seize suddenly or roughly.