1. Polarization: Distribution; Divergence.
            Differences in thoughts and opinions will eventually lead to polarization among the members of the group.

2. Cynical: Doubtful
             My mom,often behaves cynically whenever she comes across the door-to-door salesman.

3. Naive: Being immature or unaware of or overly trusting.
              The naive people easily fall prey to the fake calls,messages and e-mails that asks to provide his/her respective bank details by giving them the assurance of winning a huge amount in a lottery ticket.

4. Scoffing: Sarcastic; Sharp.
                The arrogant boy thought it was fun to point out the faults in the people and talk with them in a scoffing manner.

5. Detriment: Harmful; Damage.
                 As long as the emission of chlorine and bromine takes place in the atmosphere, it will certainly detriment the ozone layer present in the stratosphere of the atmosphere.
6. Prejudice: Bias; Partiality.
                 The people who believe that mindsets couldn't be changed are more likely to act in prejudiced ways.

7. Brazen: Bold and without shame.
                 Some of the shopkeepers are brazen enough to fool their customers by selling the goods with an expiry date that too in high prices.

8. Susceptible: Vulnerable; Gullible; Prone.
                 Individuals who do not have a strong immune system and also do not receive adequate nutrition are extremely susceptible to the viral infections/diseases.

9. Contempt: Intense feeling of dislike.
              She stared at me with total contempt.

10. Falter: To hesitate; stumble.
               "I have tried not to falter, even when the situations were not in my control; I have made missteps along the way," he said in a calm voice.

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