1. Parched: To make dry,hot or thirsty.
            It is like a brook overflowing after a rainstorm when the soil is parched.

2. Unprecedented: Never known before or experienced.
            All here is so unprecedented, so changed, so sudden and unfair,that i am absolutely lost.

3. Contingency: A Possibility conditional on something uncertain.
            That was a contingency that never had occurred to Shikha Singh.

4.  Oblivious: Unaware or not concerned about.
             Anshul was now talking to himself, oblivious of his wife's presence, indifferent to her.

5. Instigate: Influence, Provoke.
             Republicans will continue to avoid a grand bargain and instigate crises.

6. Sceptic: Critic, Rebel.
             Socrates is nowhere represented to us as a freethinker or a sceptic.

7. Trot: Move along briskly, Run; Ride.
               At first Somnath drove at a steady trot along the narrow road.

8. Ramify: Spread or branch out.
              The fungal filaments either penetrate the epidermis of the root or enter it from the stem and ramify in the interior.

9. Divulge: Make known; Unwrap.
              It was as if she was being forced to divulge what she wanted to tell but had promised not to.

10. Interlocutors: Conversationalist; Dialogist.
               A special interest attaches to the dialogues written after the manner of Plato but with Aristotle as principal interlocutor.

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