1. Profligate: To be extravagant and waste resources. 
             One should always refrain from a profligate lifestyle.

2. Belie: To be opposite of or contradicting of. 
             His actions and his words totally belied with each other.

3. Abraded: Scrape or wear away by friction or erosion.
             Wind is the main factor for abraded sand in the deserts.

4. Alienate: To isolate or put at a distance.
              In today's fast growing world we are completely alienated from our own feelings.

5. Restive: Something which is restless and impatient.
              The tension in the game was at its peak and the spectators were becoming restive.

6. Confiscated: Take away.
              The court confiscated all the property of the suspect after the evidence had been presented in the court.

7. Reticent: A person who is less talkative and is quiet and shy.
              The most reticent persons are most likely to have quite interesting minds.

8. Vilification: Abusively disparaging speech or writing.
              His article on cast system was the most vilificate writing, I  have ever read.

9. Denigration: To sully or defame someone's reputation or to spread negative or hurtful information about a company or a situation.
              Denigration of anyone on the basis of their family background is very ill-natured in itself.

10. Falsification: The action of falsifying information or a theory.
              The main evidence of the fraud was the discovery of falsification of records.