1.Profane: To treat something sacred with disrespect.
            It does not matter if you don't believe in any religion but you should never be profane about anything.

2.Audacity: Extreme boldness or fearlessness or daring.
            Although it was raining heavily he had the audacity to go on a trek.

3.Vacillate: Waver between different opinions or actions.
            Choosing one side is always better than vacillating between two.

4.Dialectic: The art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions. 
            The entire philosophy of Socratic was based on dialectic method.

5.Effrontery: Insolent or impertinent behaviour.
             Confidence is a good thing but the moment it turns into effrontery no one likes it.

6.Envisaged: To form a mental picture of (something not yet existing or known).
             I had already envisaged structure of the company before starting it.

7.Impasse: A situation in which no progress is possible; a deadlock.
             A Kashmir issue has become an impasse for India and Pakistan.

8.Deceived: Deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain.
             A poor farmer was deceived into selling his land.

9.Ecstasy: An overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.
            When he found out about his result the ecstasy of success was clearly visible on his face.

10.Err: To be mistaken or incorrect.
            The police erred in nabbing the right person.