1. Gullible: Kidding oneself; Foolish.
                The Shopkeepers hope to trick Gullible customers into buying expensive products that are no better in quality.

2. Contemptuous: Audacious; Disrespectful.
                Often, I find myself contemptuous when I see the youth ignoring the senior citizens standing in the local buses and not offering their seats to them.

3. Infamy: Extremely bad reputation.
                  The Minister's act of disrespecting the Parliament and working against the law brought infamy to his name.

4. Palate: Aesthetic taste.
                   As she has a picky palate, she refuses to eat anything other than the sizzlers stuffed with capsicum in it.

5. Symposium: Conference; Forum.
                    The learning programs are diversified which includes learning courses workshops and symposium.

6. Dangled: Offer; Lure.
                  The manager dangled the prospect of promotion before him.

7. Oratory: Public Speaking; Rhetoric.
                  One should get rid off the nervousness and build up the oratory skills.

8. Benign: Good; Kindly.
                  Their whole business was to hunt through the older authorities in search of benign decisions.

9. Raring: Eager.
                   He woke up early in the morning,as it was his first day in the office and was raring to start his work and meet new people.
10. Perish: Die; Decline.
                   He who fears, dangers will not perish by them.
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Dhwani Pardeshi,