1. Abide by - To act according to, keep to.
   e.g - An trustworthy man abides by his words.

2. Abound in (with) - To have plenty of.
   e.g -  excellence fish of many varieties abound in the Australian seas and in many of the rivers.

3. Absolve from - To declare free from sin or guilt etc.
  e.g -  The committee absolved Priyanshu from the blame.

4. Abstain from - To hold back or refrain from.
   e.g - To reduce my sugar levels my doctor advised me to Abstain from sugary foods and drinks.

5. Account for - To explain or give a reason for.
   e.g -  Samyak could not account for his late arrival to the party.

6. Accuse of - To blame someone for something.
   e.g - Ranjan accused Sourabh of behaving like a coward.

7. Acquaint with - To inform, make familiar with.
   e.g - Sanchita acquainted his friend with all the details of the project.

8. Acquit of - To free or release.
   e.g - The culprit  was acquitted of the crime.

9. Act one's age - To behave in a manner appropriate to one's maturity.
   e.g - Stop being childish and act your age.

10. Act on (upon) - To act relying on, to do something definite about.
    e.g - Sudhanshu acted on the information given by his friend and caught the thief.