• Pack away: Put something where it belongs.
I packed away all the stuff after returning from the trip.
  • Pack in: Stop doing something.
You should pack in smoking right away.
  • Pack in: End a relationship.
They packed their marriage in.
  • Pack in: Fill a venue. 
They packed so many people in the waiting room, it became difficult to even move a little bit.
  • Pack off: Send someone away. 
The honest IPS officer was packed off to a naxalite region.
  • Pack up: Stop doing something. 
The camera was not working properly hence they packed up the shooting.
  • Pack up: Collect things and put them where you keep them.
After an argument with the boss she packed up her laptop and left the meeting room.
  • Pad down: Sleep somewhere for the night.
It was getting darker so they decided to pad down there for a night.
  • Pad out: Make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn't particularly relevant.
I couldn't think of anything else to write so I padded out the same answer with different example to make the answer look thoughtful.
  • Pair up: Form a pair.
I was paired up with Rahul to complete the project.