• Make after: Chase. 
The police MADE AFTER the stolen car.

  • Make away with: Steal. 
The thieves MADE AWAY WITH the painting.
    • Make do with: Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative.
      There's no coffee, so we'll have to MAKE DO WITH tea.
        • Make for: Head in a certain direction. 
        We MADE FOR home when it started raining.
          • Make for: Produce a result or situation. 
          The low quality of the service MADE FOR a lot of dissatisfaction.
            • Make into: Change something into something else. 
            Many churches have been MADE INTO flats in recent years.
              • Make it: Arrive or get a result.
               I thought you weren't coming, so I was really pleased you MADE IT.
                • Make it up to: Try to compensate for doing something wrong.
                  He tried to MAKE IT UP TO her, but she wouldn't speak to him.
                    • Make of: Understand or have an opinion. 
                    What do you MAKE OF your new boss?
                      • Make off: Leave somewhere in a hurry.
                       They MADE OFF when they heard the police siren.
                        • Make off: with Steal. 
                        Thieves MADE OFF WITH over a million dollars in the robbery.