'Where Have All The Birds Gone?' (Read the article)

1. Played truant - stayed away.

2. Agrarian - connected with farming.

3. Dangling - hanging freely.

4. Deftly - skillfully and quickly.

5. Chaff - outer covering of the seed of grain which is separated from the grain before it is eaten.

6. Roost - rest or go to sleep.

7. Arboreal - relating to trees, living in trees.

8. Umpteen - very many.

9. Paddy - a field where rice is grown.

10. Anew - in a new or different and typically more positive way.

11. Truant - a pupil who stays away from schools without leave or explanation.

12. Shovel - a tool resembling a spade with a broad blade and typically a upturned sides.

13. Perches - an object on which a bird alights or roosts.

14. Stalks - the slender attachment or support of a leaf,flower or fruit.

15. Trunk - the main woody stem of a tree as distinct from its branches and roots.

16. Crest - a comb or tuft of feathers,fur or skin on the head of bird or other animal.

17. Captivate - attract and hold the interest and attention of, charm.

18. Thunderstruck - extremely surprised or shocked.

19. Thud - a dull heavy sound such that as made by an object which is falling to the ground.

20. Hatched - (of an egg) open and produce a young animal.

21. Linger - spend a long time over something.

22. Swallowed - cause or allow(something especially, food or drink) to pass down the throat.

23. Haste - excessive speed or urgency of movement or action.

24. Wonder-struck - (of a person) experiencing a sudden feeling of awed delight or wonder.

25. Weaver-bird - a finch-like song bird of tropical Africa and Asia , who builds an elaborately woven nests.