In the following passage, there are some blanks to be filled by appropriate word from the given options. Choose the correct word and mark it as your answer.

Demonetisation of high denomination bank notes was in ----1---- of a series of measures taken by our Government during the last two years. It is a bold and decisive---2----. For several decades, tax evasion for many has become a way of life. This compromises the larger public interest and creates unjust enrichment in favour of the tax evader, to the detriment of the poor and---3----. This has bred a parallel economy which is unacceptable for an inclusive---4----. Demonetisation seeks to create a new ‘normal’ wherein the GDP would be bigger, cleaner and real. This exercise is part of our Government’s ---5---- to eliminate corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terror funding. Like all reforms, this measure is obviously---6-----, as it seeks to change the retrograde---7----. Drop in economic activity, if any, on account of the currency squeeze during the demonetisation ---8-----is expected to have only a ---9------ impact on the economy. I am reminded here ---10-----what the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had said: “A right cause never fails”.

(a) continue
(b) continuation
(c) contribute
(d) contrive
(e) console

(a) marigold
(b) manner
(c) meagre
(d) measure
(e) merrier

(a) deprived
(b) decided
(c) deciduous
(d) detrimental
(e) diminish


(a) sonorous
(b) socio-economic
(c) sociology
(d) social
(e) society

(a) repetition
(b) repulsive
(c) resolve
(d) reprimand
(e) ruckus

(a) dissolute
(b) dissolve
(c) disbursal
(d) disturbing
(e) disruptive

(a) carte blanche
(b) status quo
(c) bona fide
(d) faux pas
(e) ad nauseam

(a) period
(b) paranoid
(c) parabola
(d) panoramic
(e) pandemonium

(a) intransitive
(b) transitive
(c) transient
(d) transverse
(e) travesty

(a) with
(b) off
(c) about
(d) of
(e) around