• Scrim:- strong, coarse fabric used for heavy-duty lining.
       Ex:- There was no moon at all, and a faint silver stars hardly showed through the scrim of high cloud.

  • Truce:- agreement between two people to stop fighting for a short time.
       Ex:- The two sides agreed a temporary truce to bury there dead.

  • Voyage:- A long journey on a ship or an aircraft.
         Ex:- I love the idea of great sea voyages on a wide ocean.

  • Assert:- State a fact confidently and forcefully.
        Ex:- After the war, the army made an attempt to assert its authority in the country.

  • Deception:- The act of deceiving someone, tricked.
        Ex:- He admitted conspiring to obtain property by deception.

  • Dribble:- Fall slowly in drops, saliva running from the mouth.
        Ex:- Sweat dribbled down Nagesh's face.

  • Bamboozle:- to confuse or trick.
       Ex:- He was bamboozled by con man.

  • Complacent:- showing uncritical satisfaction with oneself, self-satisfied.
       Ex:- The world has become lazy and complacent.

  • Propound:-put forward (an idea) for consideration by others.
      Ex:- Carl Marx propound the theory of historical and dialectical materialism.

  • Repugnant:- extremely distasteful, unacceptable.
      Ex:- What's meaningful to one may be repugnant to another.

  • Vile:- Extremely unpleasant.
     Ex:- The weather was consistently vile these days.

  • Befuddle:- unable to think clearly.
     Ex:- When miss Sheetal wrote to inform me of her condition, I was utterly befuddled.

  • Apprise:- inform or tell(someone).
      Ex:- I thought it right to apprise Rohit of what had happened.

  • Smug:- Having or showing excessive pride in oneself.
     Ex:- He was feeling smug after his win.

  • Dexterous:- Showing skill, specially with the hand.
     Ex:- There were many games of dexterous skill such as knucklebones.